There is nothing quite like an Oriental rug to give an accent to any room. These beautiful rugs have long been a staple in high class homes and are beautiful pieces that can add a festive feel to any room in which they are displayed. In terms of displaying these beautiful and often expensive pieces of fabric, there is a debate on whether they should be used for functionality or simply as decoration.

Many people that have Oriental rugs may simply have them hanging on the wall, while others may have them smack dab in the middle of the room or hallway and used as a functional rug. Either way, there is no denying that they will get dirty and possibly damaged over time. This is why we exist, and why we have built a track record of quality that has lasted more than three decades.

We use high tech equipment and techniques, aided by lasvegasorientalrug.com to clean and repair rugs. Since our inception, we have been building a reputation for being simply the best both in our methods and customer support. During these two decades, we have accumulated some of the best customers in the world as well as the latest in rug cleaning devices used for deep cleaning, stain removal, spot treatment, and much much more.

More than just rug cleaning

There are many companies that offer rug cleaning services. They may have the exact same equipment, the same amount or more experience, and perhaps the same scientific minds we have behind the scenes giving us the information we need to keep updating our products and services. However, what makes us different is the understanding that people make businesses, not the other way around.

We are family owned and operated and have been ever since the company came into existence. Throughout our years, we have prioritized building strong professional and personal relationships with our clients in order to build a network that is based on trust and understanding. Sure, our cleaning service shine in terms of quality and competitive price, but we value people much more. It is what has given us the strong network of faithful customers, and why we continue to grow to this day.

Other companies may understand that customer service is an important part of any business, but nobody takes it more seriously than we do. As rug owners ourselves, not only do we understand the importance of maintaining your rug with the utmost in care and professionalism, but also in sharing our knowledge and experience with our clients and affiliates at Livermore Movers – affordable moving services.

Get started today

Contact us today and see why we have become one of the biggest names in Oriental rug cleaning and repair. That our understanding of people and the business of rugs extends far beyond being a simple rug cleaner and repair company. That our dedication to our customers is something that we pride ourselves upon and that has led to our over two decades of success. We view rugs and rug repair differently and guarantee that you will too.