About Us


Rugs, they really tie the room together, but they are not always the easiest thing to care for. What some people also do not know is just how expensive they can be not only to purchase, but to clean as well. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver quality services without having to break the bank. We understand that there is nothing like a great rug that is fresh and clean.

Our collective is one that has been in the industry for a long time, cleaning, collecting, and just learning everything we can about Oriental rugs. There is something obsessive about what we do and we guarantee that we will clean your rug and treat it as we would treat our own.

In a day and age where technology is moving at such a fast rate, we realize that in order to keep up with our competition and keep our customers happy that we must give our customers the care they deserve. In doing so, we have created a collective of many customers that have made us the company we are today.

Whether it is cleaning or simple rug maintenance tips, we are your source for everything Oriental rug related. Count on us to give you the best in quality care at a price that you can afford. Keeping your rug clean not only reflects positively on you, but also preserves the wonderful heritage of the Oriental rug. We promise to be your best source for rug related projects.