Deep Cleaning Oriental Rugs


Rug cleaning is a pretty standard service for any cleaning company that specializes in Oriental rugs. It is pretty much assumed that no matter the rug and or where it is being used that it will eventually need a deep clean, something more intensive than simply taking it out back and shaking it a few times. A good steam clean for an Oriental rug is something that simply cannot be overstated, and may prolong the life of your rug by decades.

Our steam cleaning uses the latest in technology and boasts our more than twenty years of experience in the field of rug cleaning and repair. We will steam clean your rug with the utmost in care and professionalism and guarantee that your rug will never have been cleaner or looked nicer, except maybe on the day that you bought it. Our promise is that our cleaning services, while standard, exceed expectations.

Breaking new ground

Perhaps the most important thing about what we do is the fact that it is our passion. We are all rug collectors ourselves, which means that in order to chase our passion, we must clean your rug to the best of our ability. Not only do we clean our own rugs at our location, which means that we have confidence in our work, but we have cleaned rugs for some of the most prominent families in the area. Our results are trusted by every one of our customers, and promise that you will approve as well.

The same thing that makes us value our rugs as people is the idea of respect. That each person and each rug is unique, and that there is no rug or person on earth that can replace it. Our customers are what made us what we are today.