Oriental Rug Spot Treatment and Movers VA

When you have an Oriental rug, there is a lot that goes into keeping it clean and maintained. In addition to the regular steam cleaning that rugs require, there are also times where spots begin to appear, especially when the rug is in an area with high foot traffic. Even with the deepest steam clean, these spots can be tricky to get out, which is why we also offer the best in rug spot treatments.

Spot treatments allow people to save a little bit of money on cleaning, and can do wonders for prolonging the life of the rug. As rugs experience wear and tear, they may begin to break down, and believe it or not, simply keeping the rug clean can not only keep the rug looking good, but can actually help protect your investment. As rug enthusiasts ourselves, we understand that this can be expensive, which is why we do things a bit differently, and becoming the best Richmond Mover. 

Affordable quality care

Because we understand the price associated with maintaining a rug, we try to offer the best prices in the industry. There is nothing quite like having a clean rug, which is even better when there is a price that you can afford. Our company does things differently, which is why we have had the success we have. Our high tech equipment is operated at the highest level and lowest price, which cannot be said about many companies.

Come join our collective of educated customers and rug enthusiasts, alongside our talented staff with more than two decades of experience. You will soon see just how far we have come from humble beginnings and how much we understand the ins and outs of rug ownership. You will be glad you chose us for your next spot treatment removal, guaranteed to increase the life of your rug.